Arnold Guerrero, an idealist.


A versatile and creative "design multidisciplinary"​ with 14 years experience working for both digital and traditional agencies.

I have enjoyed success in the roles of Art Director as well as Creative Director, with a very hands-on approach to the creative. I enjoy vibrant teams and working with people who also love what they do, who look forward to joining forces every day because they couldn't imagine doing anything else.

Constantly chasing the big idea.

Simply stated, I want to do  amazing work with talented and interesting people. I love, in no particular order, coffee, being a dad, listening to podcasts, brainstorms, thunderstorms, illustrating, cartooning, painting, classic cars, and many different genres of music.


Currently: ECD & Partner at The Idealistic Creative Marketing

Favorite Quote:

"What's behind you doesn't matter."​ - Enzo Ferrari

GMAIL | (623) 606-5448